SAN unterstützt gegenwärtig 7 führende Pharmaunternehmen. Laut unseren Kunden sind wir eine Agentur, mit der sich unkompliziert und effizient zusammenarbeiten lässt – und darauf sind wir stolz.


Wir produzieren weltweit jährlich über 100 medizinische Fortbildungsprojekte. Die folgenden Originalaussagen zu unseren Dienstleistungen haben wir von medizinischen Experten und Kunden erhalten.

  • I have the opportunity to often give lectures and participate in meetings and I must admit that thanks to you, the Oncology Summit was one of the easiest I had. You had great comments and suggestions and helped a lot to make things easy and smooth.
    D. Keizman
  • I was delighted to be involved in this Summit and look forward to future events.
    L. Drudge-Coates
  • Thank you for the strong work in planning this event! Happy to be part of this excellent meeting!
    M. Smith
  • It was a great pleasure working with you!
    R. Concepcion
  • You folks did a great job – look forward to working with you in the future!
    P. Conti
  • Thank you so much for all your help. You have done an excellent job!
    C. Sternberg
  • Thank you for all the help! You are a great team!
    C. Sweeney
  • Dear San. You have been fantastic. You dealt with the crisis [volcano eruption] at best. Looking forward to next meeting.
    Prof. P.D.T., MD, Treviso, Italy
  • Dear friends from SAN, you have been terrific. We've enjoyed our trip back, in spite of all difficulties [volcano eruption]. Of course we all had duties and people waiting for us at home/work, but we got the chance to spend some extra-time together, which I particularly appreciated. Thanks again for everything. I'll see you soon.
    Prof. A.G., National Cancer Institute, Milan, Italy
  • Thank you! I always marvelled at the work you and your team acomplished. All the best to yourself and SAN moving forward.
    A.H., MD, FACP, Global Clinical Program Head
  • As always, SAN did a wonderful job with this Meeting.
    Kind regards
    Prof. J.F., MD, Dana Farber / Harvard Cancer Center, Boston, USA
  • Your team did a fantastic job, which made attending the meeting a pleasure. See you next time!
    C. B., MD, FACP, FRCPC, Vice President, BCCA, Professor and Head, Division of Medical Oncology, UBC
  • Kindly allow me to use the opportunity to thank you again for your excellent work in preparing this years [meeting name] event. I feel that the scientific preparation has been flawless, resulting in a program that was both exciting as it is relevant to the audience, but also of utmost interest to the [sponsor] colleagues. Many of the important topics were discussed in a highly interesting and insightful way for us. I was also very pleased to see that the second day was so well attended, which to my mind justifies very much the general direction this meeting has taken towards a scientific (and yet educational) congress. On my personal opinion this was the best [meeting name] meeting I have had the opportunity to attend to through the years. Again thank you, and best wishes,
    P.S., PhD, Regional Medical Director Hematology
  • Dear SAN Team, We would like to say a big THANK YOU for all your hard work, dedication, and flexibility at all times to making [meeting name] 2011 a very successful meeting. We have received very positive feedback from the team members. Our team recognize and appreciate your effort in collaborating with all involved parties, complying with our evolving rules and regulations, and incorporating new and innovative technology to this large meeting. We appreciate your enthusiasm and willingness to help to please our internal and external customers.
    A.C., Global Medical Brand Director
  • I am serious when saying that it is quite reassuring to work with people whose knowledge allows them to make sound suggestions, and besides, have the heart for speaking openly. Everybody wins in this play. I have received very positive feedbacks, both in absolute and relative value.
    With my best regards
    Prof. J.S., Department of Hematology, Hospital de la Princesa, Madrid, Spain
  • Thanks for all your work at [meeting name]. It was again a professionally prepared meeting and it has been a pleasure to work with you and your team. See you soon. Kind regards,
    Prof. A.H., MD, PhD, Director Hematology/Oncology, University Clinic, Jena, Germany
  • Firstly, you did a great job coordinating and leading this project and the outcome was a huge success. I also want to thank you for doing such a great job with the meeting logistics and slide review. You were extremely patient and gave valuable direction to the speakers during the slide review, as well as helping Prof S. create a very stimulating presentation for the summary talk.
    S.G., PhD, Senior Clinical Research Manager Haematology
  • On behalf of the International speakers, I would like to thank you for the organisation of the [meeting names] in HK and Delhi. Feedback from the speakers have all been excellent in terms of logistics and medical preparation. The KOLs came to see me to highlight how good it was to work with you on the slides. So thank you for all your help and for another successful Tour.
    E. M., Regional Brand Leader - Emerging Markets (EGM)
  • Please extend to all the SAN team my best congratulations for the perfect (as usual I have to say) organization of the event. Thanks.
    Prof. G.R., Director, Policlinico A.Gemelli, UCSC, Rome, Italy
  • I want to thank you and the SAN team for all the hard work with the EHA Satellite Symposium preparation and execution. The symposium was well organized and provided highly educational content to the attendees. I have receive positive feedbacks from internal [sponsor] colleagues as well as the faculty. It’s always a pleasure to work with the SAN team. Thank you. Kind regards,
    A. C., Associate Director, Global Scientific Communications
  • It was indeed a great pleasure and honor for me to work with you and to meet you and your staff onsite at the [meeting name] 2012. It was a great scientific meeting and I am glad to be part of it. Discussions and Interactions with AP Oncologists were wonderful. It was also an honor to meet with [sponsor] AP and Malaysian Leadership and also yourself and SAN Staff. Best Regards,
    Prof. N. E., MD, FACP, Director, Breast Center of Excellence, American University of Beirut Medical Center
  • I think the new format was very productive. Hope to have the chance to participate again in the future. The [meeting name] meeting also went well, I think. Your team always does an outstanding job of managing these meetings. Thanks again,
    C .C., MD, PhD, Professor of Pathology, OHSU, Portland, USA
  • Thank you for your kind mail. I must say it is always a pleasure to work with you and your team! With kind regards,
    Prof. J.B., MD, PhD, University Claude Bernard Lyon I, France
  • It's really nice to know you in Greece! You did wonderful job and I really appreciated! I am more than happy to working with you again in the future! Best regards,
    Prof. L.T.C:, Taipeh, Taiwan
  • It is always a pleasure to work with you and I also appreciate your flexibility. Best regards,
    P. M., Executive Director / NLS
  • I would like to thank you and your team so much for a brilliant scientific work assistance and organization. I really enjoyed the meeting very much. Best wishes,
    H.A, MD, Hämatologische Ambulanz/Tagesklinik, University Clinic Leipzig AöR, Germany
  • Dear all, Just to say thank you all for making the [meeting name] meeting so seamless. It was amazing to have the opportunity to work with you all, such professionals. I know Prof. R. shares these sentiments too. I hope you all get home safe to your families and that our paths cross again. Best wishes,
    Prof. C.H., Guy's and St. Thomas', London, UK.
  • Prof. C. beat me to the punch, but agree 100 percent. Your team is both a delight to work with, and incredibly effective. I hope we will work together again soon. All my best,
    R.M., MD, FACP, Mayo Clinic, Arizona, USA
  • Many thanks! As Prof. C. and I discussed, we each are involved with dozens of congresses per year. You, and your team, are our very favorite to work with for effectiveness, professionalism, and tone. I will genuinely look forward to our next event together. All my best,
    Prof. R.M., MD, FACP, Mayo Clinic, Arizona, USA
  • The meeting went well and the one day format seemed to be well received. Thanks to the entire SAN team for the excellent support. Best regards,
    R.W., Medical Franchise Head
  • I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of the MEC disease team, to thank you and the SAN team for your efforts and dedication which have strongly contributed to the success of the disease Abu Dhabi & Riyadh Tours last weekend. As a reliable partner, it is always a pleasure working with you.
    R. M., Franchise Manager – Oncology - Middle East Cluster
  • I am deeply touched by the high quality sientific and clincal presentations on MPN, MDS and AML. Thank you very much and send my personal compliments and congratulations to R. H.
    Prof. Dr. J. M., MD, PhD, Blood Coagulation & Vascular Medicine Center, Rotterdam, NL